My Top Tips for Nail Techs

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I’ve had the privilege of training with some of the world’s finest trainers, including Kate Lutsenko, Inga Balciunaite, and Diana Bedunkeviciute, among others. My passion for training has taken me across the globe, including to Poland where I served as the national trainer for the Victoria Vynn Gel range. As a perfectionist in nail technology, I’m never fully satisfied with any set, always aiming for the ideal. Teaching nail techniques, both acrylic and gel, is a joy for me, though administrative duties often prevail. My favourite is the combined manicure; its impeccably clean lines and long-lasting, no-regrowth appearance are essential for me. Given the time, I could happily spend five hours crafting a set of nails. Creating a flawless set of sculpted nails using forms, advanced shaping, and combined polish to finish would constitute my perfect day.

My top tips for a perfect set of nails:

Make sure your nail tech is properly trained and doesn’t damage your nail plate and thin it.

Drills are amazing for removal but only by trained technicians.

Be sure your technician doesn’t touch the polish off the skin apart from the fact that it looks so messy it will lead to lifting of the polish.

Be sure your technician uses good quality products.

If you want a set of nails to really look good its forms all the way for me!! Not a fan of tips- I think tips is an easy way for beginners but once you master forms there is no comparison. you just cant create the same shapes with tips that are possible with forms.

One of my favourite set of nails done by a student.

Favourite Nails ever! Done by Kate Lutsenko

Super proud of these nails done by my daughter while she trained at the college.

These Nails almost broke me. After training for 9 hours straight building the most unreal set of acrylic Square sculpted nails and completely drained, I reshaped them and repainted into an almond shape using a drill for corrective shaping. It turned me off nails for years!!

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